Proteum 1.1
Teste de Software

Proteum (PROgram Testing Using Mutants), a testing tool that supports Mutation Analysis criterion. Proteum can be configured for testing programs in many procedural programming languages.

License: GNU General Public License, Version 3.0 (GPLv3) (if you need Proteum under other license, please contact the authors)

Reference (use the following BibTeX code to cite this work)

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        In this work we focus on Proteum, a testing tool that supports the
        application of mutation testing to C programs.  Proteum stands for
        PROgram TEsting Using Mutants; it was developed at University of
        S\~{a}o Paulo (USP), S\~{a}o Carlos, SP, Brazil},
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Source Code Repository

  • http://ccsl.icmc.usp.br/svn/proteum/trunk/



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